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...Elmlath Woodcraft

With many years woodwork experience, my passion is that all the things I make are intended to be used in everyday life, to have a purpose.

Using locally sourced wood from in and around the Rusland Valley, I take inspiration from the wood itself, letting the shape dictate what it wants to be.

The  bowls and utensils are left to air dry naturally, sealed with raw Linseed Oil or Tung Oil, and then finished with our own Organic Beeswax. 

Once complete, the furniture is finished with our Traditional Workshop Recipe Beeswax Furniture Polish.  

The Traditional Workshop Beeswax is our own recipe, made by my wife Helen, batch by batch in the kitchen at the cottage to guarantee each batch maintains the high standard of quality.



Highback Stick Chair - Stick Chair - Stools  Spoons - Bowls - Large Flat Dishes - Peg Boards Coffee table - Side Table

Commissions Undertaken

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